Triptych commission - Color Compulsion series #5

Friends of our in LA just recently finished building their home. They are doctors raising three young daughters. They are multicultural, bilingual and filled with life and fun. The project: They have a large long entryway that is screaming for some art. They asked me to make some work- maybe a painting or two, maybe a tapestry as well- to fill the space with color and energy. After a few conversations, we went with three paintings- 6x4 feet each, to work together in the space. The twist: Each family member chose a color that they love or feels represents an aspect of the house. They asked for Purple, Black, Aqua, Light Pink, Red and Cobalt Blue. I added a few extras and enhanced and stretched out the values of each of their color choices as well. The paintings will be shipped unstretched/ unframed, so I made them nailed to my wall or on my studio floor (AKA the dining room!!). The photos below are a bit wavy-- when the work will be stretched all that will be gone. I included pictures of the cropping I think should happen and how they are as is. Each painting holds its own, but together they share this vivid engagement and color conversation. I loved working on this project- I got to spread my wings and fly into a new, joyous palette! I can't wait to see them up one day in our friend's home in sunny, colorful Los Angeles!
(*technical difficulties with getting the triptych below all even on the same plane!! Work in progress...)

Color Compulsion series #5 (center)

Color Compulsion series #5 (right)

Color Compulsion series #5 (left)