The making of a painting

Oh the process of creating layers. I live for this. When a dear friend from college asked me to recreate a piece I made in a sketchbook in a larger scale, I jumped at the chance. I have limited myself with working small for years because of lack of studio space. No more! I took down my weavings off the wall, I cleared space on my work table, and I dedicated myself to working in a range where it's a natural fit for my work, for myself, for my vision. Below are pictures of the process along the way.

First layer

Second layer

Detail third layer

Fourth layer

Fifth layer; bringing in the light/contrast

Details; I like the contrast of pinks and bright blues

Sixth layer- adding depth


Editing stage

me :)


Finished piece 40x24" Scratches, Marks and Makings Series: Abstract 61, 2017