#embrancetheblues with Makers Movement

Sketching and playing around with Makers Movement #embracetheblues on Instagram for January. Thank you Inge @thinkingwithouttalking for introducing me to this project and for the nudge to give it a go. Looking through my work I'm sure you can see I tend to lean on a warmer palette - I have a slight obsession with pink and orange and I love mixing muted colors and putting them against colors that pop. Working with blues is challenging yet really familiar. I live on the sea in New Zealand and there is no doubt it's one of my main sources of inspiration in my work. The ever changing shift in weather creates so much drama in the water and coastline and is truly a feast for the eyes. I can see piercing turquoise, dark inky blues and everything in between in any given day here. It's a giant changing abstract painting! But #embracetheblues isn't just about painting within a limited color palette. It's also about how artists create work despite, and in spite, pain and sadness. I can honestly say I painted my way through the hardest time in my life- losing my Mom to early onset Alzheimer's two years ago. Taking that pain to the studio was a time of release, purpose, quiet, play and exploration, love and letting go. My Mom was a brilliant artist and I feel really lucky to lean on art when I miss her...painting becomes an ongoing conversation with her that truly fills my soul.