Art from the Heart Exhibit at New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

The theme for the upcoming Art from the Heart show at NZAFA is to introduce the audience not only to great art work, but to dive deep into what drives artists to make the work they do and brings them the joy and drive to press forward. 2015 was a pivotal year for my art making with my practice narrowing in on abstracts as well as learning how to weave. There is no denying how the two influence each other. As each stitch makes it's mark in a weave, I started incorporating little marks and scratches in my paintings- repetitive, rhythmic mark making just like the repetitive stitching in my tapestry weaves. But soon my weaves starting abstracting- and the colors blended next to each other in organic shapes and designs like my paintings! Below are side by side examples that show how the work is relating and creating a dialogue with each other. You can find my paintings and weaves at NZAFA Feb 19-Mar 28 at 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington.