Weaver Fever

Sooooo,  I need to talk about weaving. I picked up my first tapestry loom last May, and haven't put it down. You know when you see something and you immediately think, OH WOW, and then you think, I need to do that too? And then you think, but I don't know how? And then you remember....INTERNET. It's unbelievable when you scratch the surface of something how deep that scratch can go when researching and finding a new community online. At least's that been my experience with learning to weave and the many, many generous, gracious and enthusiastic weavers out there willing to share, talk, teach and inspire. I am totally in love with this new medium and practice. It's like a light switch went on and is blazing right now which I am both loving and kinda surprised by-- I never ever even thought about wool, weaving, fibre art....it just wasn't on my radar. But now...below are the beginning pieces to the most recent. But, seeing the pics like this now, I see I am slowly but surely coming along. Unexpected bonus? The boys are HOOKED along with me :)