Scratches, marks and makings

"Scratches, marks and makings" have been the accumulation of about 6 months of work. What started off as play with gesture, movement and color with this years earlier work has evolved into greater abstraction with pencil markings or "scratches." The mark making ties together color fields and creates visual masses or bodies within each piece. I can't help but see these as dream-like lands or continents as I come to terms with living so very far away from my family and friends. The movement, energy and tension in my work reflects my experience creating a life and home 6,700 miles away from everything I knew. Although some days I am conflicted with living so far away, I can't help but feel grateful for the inspiration that has been rekindled in my studio. My work is bridging the longing for familiar within my new city and the beautiful fact that home is where you make it. These paintings will be on display in December in two locations in Wellington- In Good Company, an artists co-op, and Matchbox Studios.