Wooden blocks for Dylan

Years ago I submitted wooden blocks in a small works show for LACE in LA- the catch was the work needed to fit in a shoe box and the public would be able to pick up the box and look inside or touch the work. I had tons of wood pieces left over from making frames and thought it would be fun to put my images from my then bird series on them. Most sold, although sadly a handful were stolen. Friends started requesting I make more blocks- but for their kids. It was a fun challenge that had me searching for non-toxic supplies and finishes and ultimately led me to open an Etsy account back in 2007. I called my shop "Lucky Birds."It was a really fun endeavor, but I found that I simply couldn't make any money from them. The time it took to make versus making them affordable just didn't add up. But every now and then, I get inspired to pick up my pencils, pens and wax and make a new set of children's blocks. This past week I made a handful for my adorable niece, Dylan. She is being raised in an English/Vietnamese bi-lingual home and I thought it would be fun to add Vietnamese to my blocks. I hope I spelled everything right! Power of Google search :)
Blocks for my niece, Dylan
Backs of "Dylan" blocks- D for Drum, Y for Yarn, L for Love, A for Apples and N for Night
Every block has the name in both English and Vietnamese
Lots of ways to display & play