Who am I as an artist?

I am an observer. I love to people watch, take in nature and landscapes, and see how the world unfolds in front of me everyday. I love big cities, big mountains and big oceans. I love road trips, travel, and soaking in new experiences. I love being alone in my cozy home as much as I love loud, boisterous conversations with friends out and about. I love the frenetic energy of the schoolyard and the delighted squeals of my children when I pick them up from their day. I love feeling inspired by working artists, activists in the community and by my diverse friends and family. This is the world that makes me pick up my pen and start drawing, grab my camera and click away madly, and get very messy painting. I realize being an observer is passive. I reconcile this by proactively creating work that is energetic, playful and conversational. Plus, I have a very loud voice and laugh that places me firmly in any situation I am in!

I bring what I observe and interpret of everyday life into my paintings, drawings and photographs. Whether exploring complex relationships in my own life, dissecting color and shapes from my environment, or trying to absorb current events, I make art to make sense of my world. The subtle ironies, triumphs and heartbreak I experience in everyday life are a driving force of my work. I find working with mixed media the most successful means to achieve my vision with quirky, unpredictable lines, rough texture and color play.