Getting back to work

Last Fall I started incorporating acrylic paint (first time using this medium and LOVE it) and various mixed media into my paintings. Since moving to Wellington, I have been attracted to really bright, colorful and design driven work. I need a break from narrative work and really want to pursue the abstracts that I began in 2005 and shelved for years. My goal is to make twenty paintings and hope that *maybe* one will give me the information I need to begin a new series. I am using geometric shapes, texture and color to create my abstracts. Although I struggle with my new direction, I am more energized and excited about painting than I have been in years and it feels really good.
Acrylic, graphite, oil pastels, ink on canvas 12x12 2015

Acrylic, graphite, oil pastels on canvas 36x36 2014

Acrylic, graphite on canvas 12x12 2014

Work in progress
Next steps - Still work in progress
Work in progress