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Where They Want to Go, NIAD Art Center

Where They Want to Go brings together work that can be seen as pinning down memories of place with color and materials; of holding, if only abstractly, that day, that hour, that moment.

The work celebrates the unanticipated outcomes, the unplanned and accidental, the building up of layers, the straight line veering off course, and the edges where lines and forms are uncentered and move where they want to go.

“In people’s homes, I am drawn to these same edges or spaces where you can see the owner of the space most clearly -- where they’ve hung their pictures and then tacked up things in between, what lives on their bookshelf next to the books, what’s the view from the favorite chair. For me, memories of people are always connected with memories of objects, of furniture, of rooms, and of views from rooms. My mom is the olive green profile of Mt. Tamalpais against the sky; my dad is the dark oak floors and cream colored walls of the dining room.”

Where They Want to Go is organized by Erin McCluskey Wheeler, a Richmond artist and teacher who works in mixed media and collage. Erin is represented by Jen Tough Gallery in Benicia and is the current artist in residence for the El Cerrito Recycling Center.

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10:00 AM10:00

Global Art Market : Instagram Sale

@globalartmarket is a group of creative women from all around world coming to together to for a one day/online sale. We are painters, printmakers, and collage artists with a passion for community, abstract art and color! Check out @globalartmarket for a preview of the participating artists and their work. And be sure to drop by on October 2 for some amazing deals on original artwork. 

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to Oct 30

Weaving Basics Workshop

Come and learn the basic fundamentals of tapestry weaving! You will receive your own Ashford small frame tapestry loom, basic tools, your own weaving workbook for home learning and all the wool and fibers you need to make your tapestry. I will teach you how to warp your loom, various stitches and design, and how to take your tapestry off the loom. This is a semi-private class- room for 4 students- in my home studio on the sea. $195 for this relaxing, inspiring class. Please see my facebook page for reviews. https://www.facebook.com/pg/poppydodgeart/reviews

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1:00 PM13:00

Weaving Basics Workshop

You will learn how to warp your own loom, basic terminologies and stitches, design + harmony, and how to take your tapestry off the loom. Your workshop includes:
*an Ashford weaving frame (35x25cm)
*plenty of wool and material for your first tapestry
*basic tools
*a small workbook to continue your learning of tapestry weaving
*refreshments and light afternoon tea


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